Windshield Repair

Got a Quarter?

Grab that quarter and hold it over the rock chip in your windshield. If it covers, we can likely repair it. Doesn’t cover? We still may be able to fix it, but we probably have to replace the windshield.

We can also fix the power window that’s not rolling up and down. Or, replace the glass in your side and back windows. Contract us for full service automotive glass repair and replacement.

Glass Repair

Rock Chips

Chipped windshields can be annoying, and even dangerous, if in the line of sight. A rock chip can turn to a crack overnight, don’t delay! Repair only takes about an hour, and often insurance companies will cover the entire cost.

From $50

Glass Replacement


Windshields are important to the structural integrity of automobiles. They provide support to prevent roof collapse, and absorb impact from a collision. Cracked windshields are not only dangerous, they are illegal in most states.

From $300

Glass Repair

Power Windows

Maybe one of the most annoying window problems is power side windows that no longer roll up and down, or do so slowly. This is usually caused by a bad window regulator, or switch.

From $100

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