What’s PPF or Paint Protection Film?

By July 31, 2019 Detailing

Paint Protection Film

Maybe the best product you never heard of.  Yet unparalleled resistance to wear and tear of your vehicle’s finish.

Years ago it was often referred to as “clear bra”, or “3M film”. Advances in technology makes today’s PPF a much better solution for your vehicle. It can now be removed without damaging the finish, won’t yellow, fade or crack. It’s also being used on many more surfaces.

What is PPF?

It’s a clear film that’s laid over the finish of your car. An ultra-durable, ultra-clear material that’s self-healing. A computer guided plotter cuts the film to fit your exact make and model. No razor blades touch your car.

It was designed by the US military. First for use on the leading edge of helicopter blades, later during Desert Storm it was applied to combat vehicles. Now you’ll find it at NASCAR, and used by some new car manufacturers.

What does it look like?

The XPEL Paint Protection Film we use is ultra clear. It’s installed using soapy water. Unlike some competing products, it’s wrapped around the edges for an even cleaner installation. It’s indistinguishable from the factory finish, except for perhaps a deeper gloss and shine.

What does it do?

Think of all the flying debris your vehicle encounters as you’re driving down the road. Rocks, sand, salt and dust damage the paintwork. Bugs and tree sap stain, and can damage the clear-coat finish. The clear impenetrable barrier afforded by PPF protects from rock chips, scratches, and stains. Your car is always protected.

Where is it used?

PPF is used on frequently chipped, scratched and dented areas. The front bumper, hood, side mirrors, door handles, door edges and jambs, rocker panels, and lower fender panels. We’ve installed everything from a small front bra, to entire vehicle wraps.

Interested in learning more about how PPF can protect your owned or lease vehicle? Want to schedule an install? Contact Straightline Detailing today!

PPF Paint Protection Film

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