Selling Your Car Online

By July 31, 2019 Detailing

So, you want to sell your car online? Good choice. 90% of people begin their search for a car online. It’s not enough to just put a sign on the window. Follow these tips to help your car (or truck) sell faster, and for more money.

  • Clean it. At a minimum wash the outside, vacuum the inside, wipe down the interior. If you’re selling a car for $5k or more, get it professionally detailed. The $300-400 will pay for itself. It will sell faster. (
  • Fix it. Have a check engine light on? Need tires? Minor body damage? If you can afford it, fixing these issues will make the car easier to sell. You should get your money back in a higher selling price. People look for reasons not to buy a car. Don’t give them any.
  • Return to stock. Remove seat covers, window deflectors, tinted windows. Remove any personal items; garage door openers, sun glasses, air fresheners. Remove stuff from center consoles and glove boxes. Much like selling a house, buyers want to picture themselves in the car, not you.
  • Shoot it. Take a LOT of pictures. If you’ve detailed it, your pictures will look much better. Capture the outside from every angle. Show the condition of the tires. Capture the inside. Show the condition of the seats. Include a dashboard shot with the engine running. Aim for 24 pictures, or more. Show any damage, avoid surprises. Every added picture increases your chance of selling.
  • Price it. Sorry, you’re probably not going to get retail. Kelly Blue Book ( Private Party Value is usually pretty spot on. Price a little above what you want. Leave room for negotiation.
  • List it. Free at CraigsList and Faceboook MarketplaceCarGurus listing is free, but they will charge $99 if they sell it. Use them all.
  • Be careful. Refuse any offers to ship. Meet in public areas. Only accept cash or bank check (cashier’s check). If a personal check, go to the bank with the buyer. Write up a simple bill of sale with names and date of sale. Include “AS-IS, no warranty”. Snap a picture of the buyer’s driver’s license.

Good Luck!

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