Paint Correction and Polishing

Multi-Step Paint Correction

Few things in detailing and reconditioning bring as much satisfaction as a multi-step paint correction. Years of brush car washes, tree branches, road salt, dirt/grime, bugs and tree sap can all take their toll on your paint’s finish. Paint correction can often restore it to a near showroom shine!

It’s also a great foundation for ceramic coating or paint protection film.

Paint Correction


Multiple grades of pads and compounds are used to achieve the best gloss and shine. The number of steps depends on the starting condition of the paint finish.

From $600

Paint Correction


For the budget conscious who don’t need the jaw-dropping difference of a multi-step paint correction. Also, for newer vehicles that need a little extra shine.

From $150

Paint Correction

Spot Buff

Not as labor intensive as a multi-step paint correction, spot buffing can restore shine to finishes with minor blemishes.

From $100

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