Ceramic Paint Coating

What are the Advantages of Ceramic Paint Coating?

Fargo-Moorhead’s premier ceramic paint coating provider. Other than the obvious price difference, ceramic and wax coatings may appear pretty similar. However, there are key advantages to choosing a ceramic coating.

Synthesized using the latest nanotechnology, Ecocoat Kenzo creates a thick 10H hardness layer of protection that radiates a rich and natural glow, while providing unmatched protection and smoothness that last 12 times longer than waxes. The result is a stunning and jaw dropping gloss warrantied for 4 years.

Key Features

No Oxidation

Sun damage and oxidation can lead to faded colors, failed clear coat, and yellow headlights. Ceramic coatings block UV rays and prevent sun damage.


Surfaces stay clean longer thanks to the anti-fouling effect, and cleaning time is reduced by 50%. Protection against bugs, bird poop, tree sap and more.

Deep Gloss

Glass like shine from unique formulation of  the purest raw materials, 80% solids and only 20% solvent.

10H Hardness

Provides protection against swirling, scratches, dullness and weathering. Waxes only last 4-6 weeks, ceramic coating can last 4-6 years.
Ceramic Coating


Ceramic coating is hard and long-lasting with a deep gloss. A multi-step paint correction restores the finish to showroom condition before application.

From $1,250

Ceramic Coating

Boats and Watercrafts

Why ceramic coat your boat? Hydrophobic (or repels water), UV protection and corrosion resistance. Anti-fouling (self-cleaning) with great gloss and durability.

From $1,000

Ceramic Coating


Self-cleaning protection from raindrops, sap, gas spills and more. Includes multi-step paint correction.

From $500

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